Are Solar Panels a Good Choice For Your Knoxville Home?

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The South is a great place for solar panels! With plenty of year-round sunshine, places like Knoxville are ideal locations for taking advantage of solar power.

Read on to discover why solar panels are a great choice in Knoxville and the surrounding areas.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels work by converting light particles (photons) from the sun into electricity. Solar cells convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity, which then flows through an inverter and is turned into AC (alternating current) energy for your home.

Worried about what happens when it’s not sunny? It’s a common concern, but there’s a simple solution: a battery backup system like a Pink Energy PWRcell. A battery backup connects to your solar array and stores excess energy for use when your panels aren’t producing electricity. You also may be able to sell the excess energy to utility companies and gain credit through a process called “net metering”.

Benefits of Solar Panels in Knoxville

When it comes to solar, there are a lot of real, long-term advantages. Here are just a few reasons solar panels are a great choice for your Knoxville-area home:

How Many Solar Panels You Need in Knoxville

The number of panels your home needs depends on your family’s current energy usage and how much of that you are trying to convert to solar. The higher your home’s energy usage and the more independence you want from the grid means you will need more solar panels to reach your goals.

Another factor that determines the number of solar panels your home needs is the position of the panels. If you have your solar panels installed facing due south, your home will get more consistent sun, potentially allowing for fewer panels. Panels installed facing east or west will get varying degrees of sun throughout the day and may require a few more panels to reach your energy goals. Determining the most beneficial position for your solar array is part of your Pink Energy consultation. 

Solar Panels: A Great Choice in Knoxville

If you’re ready to gain more independence from the grid and possibly lower your electric bills, it’s time to go solar. Get started by requesting more information from one of our solar experts!