Do You Still Have An Electric Bill With Solar Panels?

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For many homeowners, solar panels represent a chance at an off-the-grid approach to their electricity needs. However, that simply is not the case for the vast majority of homes built in the U.S. Grid connectivity is a necessary component for most households. Our team recognizes that solar panels used in combination with grid power are the most likely scenario for nearly all of our customer base. 

In short: Yes, you will still have an electric bill once solar panels become part of your home’s electric setup. We’ll explain why this is the case in more detail below.

Grid Power Fills The Gaps

Solar panels provide your home with clean, renewable energy — but it’s a good practice to have another source of electricity at the ready just in case. Unless you have a battery backup system in place, you won’t be able to use solar power overnight. With that in mind, being connected to the grid keeps your home functioning at night. 

Staying connected to the grid can also prove useful during winter, and year-round in inclement weather, when your solar panels may not be able to generate as much electricity as they ordinarily would. Don’t worry: Solar panels are viable as a year-round source of energy. However, they do tend to produce more electricity on clear, sunny days. So on cloudy or snowy days, the grid could provide the boost you need to fully meet your home’s energy needs. 

Benefit From Net Metering

By being connected to the grid, you might be able to take part in any net metering policy available in your area. If such a policy is in place in your community, your solar panels could provide you with even more savings. At peak times of day, your solar panels may produce more electricity than your home needs. Where net metering programs exist, they allow you to send this excess electricity back to the grid for credits on future electric bills.

Check your local net metering policy to be sure what you’re eligible to receive, as they can often vary by state and by utility provider. 

Better Together? Adding Solar Is Up To You

Pink Energy understands that solar power is a great addition to your home’s energy needs, but likely not the only way you’ll be powering your home. Grid power provides a good fallback option when there’s not enough sunlight to power your entire home. That being said, solar panels can potentially cut costs on your electric bills every month, offsetting grid power with a renewable energy source. It’s an option more people are choosing to help them own their power, and we are proud to help serve that need. Contact our team of solar experts today to see what going solar could look like for you with a free customized quote!